Equalization can be one of the biggest barrier when beginning freediving or even along the progression through depth.

In Amancay we believe equalization shouldn’t stop you from freediving at any point. For this same reason is that we’ve been working together with Moving Limits and today we can bring you a variety of options that adapt to each ones needs. Making sure that your journey to depth is not limited by your equalization.

Learning Methods

Self Study Courses

Get your materials online and
study from the comfort of your
home at your own pace

Online Courses & Workshop

Join an Amancay instructor online for a workshop on an specific topic or take a course combining online material and personal sessions with an instructor to achieve your goals.

On site Courses & Workshops

Focus on your next training session on improving your equalization technique, combining dry workshops and water training with one of our instructors

Equalization Courses


This course is aimed to learn the proper frenzel technique. most commonly taken by beginners helping you work on any barrier presented between the first 20 Mts /60ft


Deep will help you unleash the beautiful feeling of comfort through the pressure of depth. Aiming to work on the proper mouth-fill technique, air translation and overcoming any other barriers presented from 20mts onwards.


This course will teach you how to equalize hands-free. Ever dreamed with flying? This is as close as it can get, feeling the ultimate freedom underwater. Very recommended for spearfishers and underwater photographers.

Equalization is a natural mechanical move which we do with our body to restore the volume of your middle ear while descending during diving. As a natural movement many people tend to perform proper  equalization easier than others.

There are several equalization techniques such as: Toybee, Valsalve, Hands-Free. and the famous Frenzel.

Along our courses you will learn how to perform and master the proper equalization technique according to your needs. Allowing to equalize your ears with no inconvenience or effort while diving head first

Our courses will take you step by step at your pace to ensure that you are able to master the technique that will work best for you and allow you to improve your freediving depths.

We start our training on dry (online or on-site) where you can master the skill in complete comfort with no distractions or challenges. Followed by water sessions where you will put in practice what you have achieved in dry.

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