Is this my course?

Is equalization a problem even if you could go deeper than 30 meters thanks to your physical training and your breath holding skills?

At limit depth do you produce guttural sounds during equalization?

Do you feel chest tightness and pressure at a certain depth?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions DEEP Evo is the right experience for you

We designed this course for all the freedivers who want to appreciate the depth in comfort and safety.


In this course you will learn all the skills necessary to perform the Mouthfill technique

The course consists of three self study modules alternating with two live trainer lessons. The lessons will be carried out with a certified Moving Limits tutor, who will help the participants to acquire all the essential skills to learn Mouthfill. Each online meeting will be recorded and made available to the participant to help him with the exercises.

How it works?

You can choose your timeline!

This course includes 3 selfpaced lessons (5 units) and 2 Webinar with a Moving Limits equalization instructor

This course includes

  • 22 Exercises
  • 3 Self paced lessons (5 units)
  • 2 Webinar
  • A group of 4 people followed by one Moving Limits equalization instructor 
  • Homework and evaluation
  • Customized training
  • Follow up after two months
  • Online training material for 12 months

What you are learning?

Self paced 1 – Basic skills

On-line content to make equalization clear, to build a common language and teach you to recognize what maneuver you use instinctively. 

You will learn to feel your glottis, to move your tongue in the right way and to use your mouth to compress air.

Through Phonetics, you will learn how to link the oropharynx and nasopharynx to reach the ear tubes and how to manage these air spaces in order to feel and fill them with air as they were one space only.

This part includes 4 Unit and 12 exercises: 

  • Unit 1: Equalization Intro
  • Unit 2: Basic skills
  • Unit 3: The phonetics as equalization support
  • Unit 4: The mouth: our tank

Webinar 1 – Soft palate control

In this live class you’ll learn to manage the soft palate in oro and nasopharyngeal high pressure conditions. A proper control of the soft palate is central for the Hands Free technique as well.

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 3 exercises: 

  • Unit 5: Soft palate control

Self paced 2 – Air translation

In this self paced you will learn to recognize how you can move air in different way, and the three ways to perform Frenzel.

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 4 exercises: 

  • Unit 6: Three ways to perform Frenzel

Webinar 2 – Mouthfill

You’ll learn to detect and manage the glottis as it opens and closes, synchronizing it to the air compression and the relevant opening and closing of the soft palate, that is to say we are going to learn how to perform a perfect  Frenzel Fattah maneuver (Mouthfill)

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 3 exercises: 

  • Unit 7: Mouthfill