Is this my course?

Is your equalization difficult between 0 and 10 meters?

Is your equalization practically impossible when you are upside down?

You can equalize, still you keep thinking your technique has room for improvement and you want to increase comfort and safety?

If your answer is yes to at least one of the above questions, START is the right experience for you

This Course is designed for all the freedivers who find it difficult to equalize from the very first few meters and for the ones that would like to improve their equalization and make it safer.


This course was created with the aim of learning the correct execution of Frenzel.

The course consists of two self study modules alternating with three live trainer lessons. The lessons will be carried out with a certified Moving Limits tutor, who will help the participants to acquire all the essential skills to learn Frenzel. Each online meeting will be recorded and made available to the participant to help him with the exercises.

How it works?

You can choose your timeline!

This course includes 2 selfpaced lessons (4 units) and 3 Webinar with a Moving Limits equalization instructor

This course includes

  • 22 Exercises
  • 2 Self paced lessons (4 unit)
  • 3 Webinar
  • A group of 4 people followed by one Moving Limits equalization instructor 
  • Homework and evaluation
  • Customized training
  • Follow up after two months
  • On line training material for 12 months

What you are learning?

Self paced 1 – Basic skills

On-line content to make equalization clear, to build a common language and teach you to recognize what maneuver you use instinctively. 

You will learn to feel your glottis, to move your tongue in the right way and to use your mouth to compress air.

This part includes 3 Unit and 6 exercises: 

Unit 1: Equalization Intro

Unit 2: Basic skills

Unit 3: The mouth to compress air

Webinar 1 – Simulation of a descent

In this live classroom you will learn to compress air simulating head down diving condition.

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 3 exercises: 

Unit 4: head down dive simulation

Self paced 2 – The phonetics

We’ll use Phonetics to get you to recognize the feelings you’ll need to repeat while equalizing.

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 7 exercises: 

Unit 5: The phonetics as equalization support

Webinar 2 – Lock removal

In this live class, 2 exercises to learn how to remove the tongue and palate locks, two crucial structures for the correct performance of the Frenzel maneuver.

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 2 exercises: 

Unit 6: Linking nasopharynx and oropharynx 

Webinar 2 – Lock removal

This live classroom is about connecting the dots, bringing together the established skills to perform a perfect and conscious Frenzel maneuver.

This lesson includes 1 Unit and 4 exercises: 

             Unit 7: Frenzel