ON SITE Workshops & Courses

Want to improve you equalization skills? Why not focusing your next freediving trip on it?
Our onsite workshops and courses have been created for you to be able to combine your training sessions with equalization knowledge to improve your equalization skills.

What is the difference?

Workshops are specific dry sessions before going to the water where you will work with an instructor on specific skills to overcome your barrier.

Our onsite courses are structured course where you will combine online theory materials with dry sessions with your instructor followed by taking this to action into the water.

ONSITE Workshops + Training

From people that have been limited by their equalization to achieve their first level certification to people looking to find comfort in depth and achieve new personal bests, workshops adapt to everyone’s


These are personalised and focus on your personal needs. We combine a dry training session of 75 min approx. followed by a water session where you will be putting into practice what you learned during the dry session.

Duration: 1 day
Price: 120 usd

ONSITE Course + Training

Our onsite courses have 2 options according to you needs, all of them combine online theory materials, with dry sessions with an Amancay Instructor plus water sessions.

The house recommendation is to start your course before arriving to our location, going over all the theory online and having at least 1 online session with our instructor. This will help you be comfortable with the skills before we have to take them to the water. Also it will give you the chance once you are with the location to focus on the main difficulties you find through the course.


This course is aimed to learn the proper frenzel technique. most commonly taken by beginners helping you work on any barrier presented between the first 20 Mts /60ft


Deep will help you unleash the beautiful feeling of comfort through the pressure of depth. Aiming to work on the proper mouth-fill technique and overcoming any other barriers presented from 20mts/ 60ft onwards

Start Onsite Course

Deep Onsite Course

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Self Study Courses

Get your materials online and study on your own at your own pace

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Online Workshop & Courses

Join an Amancay instructor online for a workshop on an specific topic or take a course combining online material and personal sessions with an instructor to achieve your goals.