We offer exclusive diving services around the world, no matter your location!
We have combined experience in freediving and diving, luxury yachting and tourism. This has given us the opportunity to accommodate your specific need and provide excellent quality of service.

Having worked on yachts worldwide we know the most exclusive places and can provide services on boat or private villas.


Activities Provided

As an exclusive service we can offer traditional Freediving or Scuba formation from beginners to pros. But we can also create customised expeditions on remote and unique locations all around the world.

All our experiences will be worked together accommodating all your needs and dreams.

Scuba Diving

Try Scuba
Open Water Course
Advanced Course
Rescue Course
DiveMaster Course
Specialty Courses
Fundiving Guide


Try Freediving
Beginners Freediver Course
Advanced Freediver Course
Master Freediver Course
Instructor Course
Training Coach
Underwater Photography


Yacht Charter Worldwide
Humpback Whales
Salt Water Crocs
Whale Shark Experience
Mobulas Ray
Stripped Marlins
Wild life Photography

These are general suggestions, everything can be created and customised.